The NEC-SL1100 Telephone and Voicemail System.

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NEC SL1100 Smart Communications for Small Business

With the all new NEC SL1100 your company will get powerful communications with a small business price tag. Lower operational considerably by making smarter use of your communications. The NEC SL1100 has intuitive features that the whole team can use, without the need for training. Desktop phones, wireless handsets and applications include shortcuts to speed up the working process. Are you more of a mobile user? Use your mobile phone to stay connected through your office number, from anywhere. Time-saving applications empower your team to become more productive.

NEC SL1100 Inmail. More than voicemail

InMail is more than just a regular voicemail box. Packed with powerful business features, this is a solution to make keeping up to date easier than ever. It offers Message Notification to your desktop phone, home office or mobile phone to allow you to monitor your mailbox effortlessly from whereveryou are. You can even choose to receive email notifications with the message included as an audio attachment. No matter what you’re up to, you can have the right recorded message to match. With three personalized greetings, you can select the one most appropriate depending on your availability or the time of day.

Voip Networking

With the SL1100’s networking capabilities, you can extend the reach of your communications to remote offices and mobile workers and ensure that your business can collaborate effectively. You can eliminate duplication and improve efficiencies by transparently sharing a single voicemail and intercom system. It also enables you to share trunks and transfer calls easily. This unique platform is the ideal solution for any small to medium business. THe SL1100 makes your team reachable, responsible and productive. Call us today for a free estimate or if you have any questions about the NEC line of systems.

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